Saturday, May 1, 2010

tuh-tuh-tell 'em

oh-kay, girls, i'm ever wanted to get out of your town? start fresh? LEAVE? i sure do! i live in a very small town. population: 1874. yeah, that's it. there's about sixty other kids that will grauate with me in 2014. so why would anyone in their right mind live her? to get away from the gangs, drugs, and violence. boy, were they wrong. we have wiggers, bomb threats, and pot hidden in the bathroom stalls at our public school stalls. oh-kay, so i'm exagerating. but we do have all of that, just a little less of it. in my town, you date someone, EVERYONE knows. you kiss someone, you get questioned about what it was like by the lady in walmart the next day. you walk down the street, everyone says "oh, hi, Hannah." just like that. this is a first name town. now, what does this have to do with the title? i'm saying, spred the word that hannah is going to be famous! (: talk to you all later. (:


Kiss my heart.