Monday, June 14, 2010

I promised, my Love.

Well, as I promised, I'd be writing about things I found cool throughout the week. Well, one: My passion for Silly Bands. I have over fifty, Not counting doubles. My favorite? My Best Friend Elephant. Stupid, sure, but Me and my two best friends, Georgi and Jessica, decided-Take them off? Never. Alright, Well, onto number two: Neon Nail Polish. I am in LOVE with it. My toe nails are currently painted a very vibrant pink, with white hearts, and a clear finishing coat. And third, my new food obsession: Tuna Fish Pitas. How to make them? Here's the directions:
1. dice(or cut into small chunks) 1/2 Green Pepper
2. Drain 1 can of Tuna Fish, any kind.
3. Take 1 cup of cream cheese, or 1/2 of the packet of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and warm for 30 seconds in Microwave
5. Once done, mix all ingredients.
1. Spread desired amount of filling onto a Pita, Soft taco shell, or thin, plain beagles, cover other half of desired shell.
2. spray/butter frying pan and place Sandwich on pan.
3. Cook for 30 sec-1 min on each side
4. EAT!
Now, come back and tell me how you like it. (: Alright, X's and O's, Hannah.


  1. Oh, hey! I'll follow you! (:

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I do write. Do you?

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