Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Thursday.

Hello, loves! (: I'm in one of the, like best moods ever! Why? Well, it's basically summer for me! My school doesn't let out until tomorrow, technically, but I don't go the last days anyways, so it doesn't matter. (: I probs wouldn't have gone because I got strep throat. In June. WIN! Alrighttty, well have any of you read the Pretty Little Liars books? I really want to, but I can't find them anywhere! Well, I'll probably have to borrow them from someone. (: alright, I found some awesome pictures, want to see them? well, you're going to anyways. (:


  1. u can read pretty little liars online(its not illegal the link was on abc and its or whatever site.) just go on and look for the part was it says read it or whatev. its the entire book!


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