Sunday, June 20, 2010

Look for the brightest lights in Manhattan and they'll be spellin' my name!

Well, the title is a quote from Copacabana the Musical. My older sister and her theater group are performing the play today, and they did it Friday, but I didn't have anything to say on Friday. Well, hi. (: and tell your Dad's HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Because it's that time of year again. Alright, what are my plans for today? I'm going to get ready, got to the play, go out to eat for Father's Day, and then I'm going to my best friend Georgi's house with my other best friend, Alyssa. I'll more then likely put some pictures up later. (: Well, I have to go. I promise I'll put a MUCH better post up when I get back from Georgi's tomorrow. (:


  1. Hey, Hannah. It feels weird to write that, kind of like I'm talking to myself. I was reading the comments on Francesca's new post and I saw yours and decided to check out your blog. I love the lights in the background of your layout. Hope you had fun today. =] -Hannah


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