Monday, July 19, 2010

Happyness or Happiness? Whichever, it has returned to me, finally.

I'm finally happy. Why? Because, after have a literally disgustingly childish nervous breakdown, it seems like the world said "Lets stop fucking up Hannah's life.". I often am in love with this quote "None of us are virgins, life has already fucked us all many times, but if it were easy, it would be called a slut." It makes me laugh, hard, every time I hear it. Well, as you already know, I had the flu for the beginning of the week. My little sister, Abby, who usually entertains me, scratched both of her corneas by taking her contacts out and couldn't see up until yesterday. Yesterday, my older sister, Sarah, took Abby and I too see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for the second time, then we went shopping, then out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. When we got home, my mom and dad had cooked steak on the grill and corn on the cob, plus my mom baked cookies. I did not have one cookie, thank you. (: And in the car, my sister usually plays soft music we can sing along to, but her and I are in love with Eminem's raps and know most of the words, so she played a CD of all of his new songs and we just rapped the angry music, laughing when we messed up the lyrics, and it was honestly great. My new favorite song is Cold Wind Blows. It's great! (: I've also decided to save all of my money, coins included, so that I have more money for school shopping, just so that I have more then $500. I know that there are people starving in other countries and they would happy with water, but I've decided to diet and exercise the rest of Summer. I'm eating watermelon instead of Captain Crunch for breakfast. It's good for once in a while to cry. It's okay to scream. It's okay to loose control every now and then, it's called hormones, own them. (: X's and O's, Hannah. (:


  1. ha ha, that quote is funny:) that's funny, i'm saving up for school shopping, too. but i don't buy tons of things at one time, i buy things i love here and there, so that new clothes feeling never goes away:) i do a lot of online shopping when it's crappy weather. oh, i need an opinion besides mine... had aeropostale gone slightly tacky and plain ugly? ughhhh i hate their stuff right now especially the jeans. it looks... kiddish, y'know? i like ae right now, though. okay, enough of my blabbing, bye!

  2. exactly! finally, someone agrees with me

  3. HA! I really loved this post so much. Your just such a unique person =) Lots of endless love <3

  4. That's one of my new favorite quotes, and I will probably use it on one of my friends someday soon. I'm happy that you're happy. It's contagious!

  5. lol, i like the quote! :P
    glad you're eating healthy & exercising,, that's always good.


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