Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School + Giveaway?

Unlike most people, I want to back to school! I online shop alot, then I buy more clothes when I go to the mall. I'm going official school shopping on Saturday, so I'm very happy (: I'm doing a strict diet for this week. All I'm eating is organic. That's it. Period. Well, on another note, I'm just excited for school because I want to see all of my friends. ♥ I heart them! Also, all of my favorite hollidays are during the school year! Like Halloween, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS!, Valentine's Day, My birthday, and Easter! (: I just like to have schedual, not just wondering around not knowing what to do next, which is my summer life. I like it at the begining, but then it gets annoying x 10. Are you guys excited for school? My school doesn't start until August 30, so I still have a little bit of summer left. And when school is in, that means Joey will be coming home! (: And I'm so excited for that. ♥ I think I may do a contest soon. Could someone who's done a give away comment and let me know how to do it? (: PLEASE AND THANK YOU! (: X's and O's, Hannah. ♥


  1. Well I've neverdone a giveaway so i cant help with that sorry. But yes i love school to i just like knowing that im definately going to do something the next day not just sit around and ponder my school starts on the 1st. Thats great about Joey!!

  2. i know i wanna go back to school, too! i'm always going on my favorite clothes sites, scrolling down and down and wishing i was in school. i go back on august 31st, one day after you. for some reason, we always go back to school on tuesdays where i live. wierd.
    halloween is my favorite holiday, and it's not (and wasn't) even for the candy. i just love going to the apple orchards and carving pumpkins into creepy jack-o-lanterns. that's one reason i wanna be back in school, too.
    i have zero experience with contests, but it'd be cool to have a creative writing contest. like, if you posted a pic and below it, wrote like a question that would start off a story. (ie- Why is this girl crying? or Where did she get those sunglasses?) think about it.
    okay, i've blabbed on for too long. bye!

  3. im already back in school, we started thursday august 5th. n im jus lyke yhu i rely wntd 2 go back cuz i missed my friendz and summer got rely boring after a while.

  4. I wish I were as optimistic about school as you are :/ It sucks, because I really don't want to go back! Ugh. At least I have clothes shopping to look forward to, like you! Sorry, I wish I could help with the give away, but I've never done one!
    Do you think you could comment on my latest post? It's something I need everybody's help with!

  5. I am super duper excited to go back to school (Sept. 8th!) for all of the same reasons you are. =) I've never done a giveaway but I hope someone who has explains it to you, I'd love to see what your going to do! Lots of love <3


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