Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't cry to me. If you loved me you would be here with me.

Hello. I haven't posted in a couple days, so I figured I'd just check in with you all. . . Well, the guy that I like says he likes me, yet when in public, he'd rather hang out with his ass holes of friends. And I'm not into taking ANY ONES bullshit. Ask my friends Mia and Chelsea, they know that straight up. Well, last night I went to the fair that came to my town and I pretty much hung out with Mia and Chelsea. They're my best friends. (: Now, all of you probably know Georgi, my best friend, right? Well I hate her boyfriend. With a passion. So we didn't really talk to them, like around ten minutes out of five hours. I'm very proud of myself, I only drank one lemonade and I didn't eat any of the greasy food there. WOOHOOO! Well, after the fair, my crush texted me and was like "Why didn't you talk to me?" WTF? Am I the one who has to start the conversation? No, so grow some balls. Damn. It's like, we only talk when ever he texts me first. When I text him, I get no response. Fuck that, I'm just as independent as any man out there, probably more, actually. And then there was this 17 year old perv named Caleb hitting on me and my friends and I told them that if he wanted to talk to us he needed to grow a dick first. Mia was laughing so hard her lemonade came out of her nose. It was so funny. Then, we were talking and these two stoners came over and asked us if we had a "smoke". I of course gave them the meanest "snarl" as Mia called it, and walked away towards my guy friends, Mia and Chelsea at my heels. It was hilarious! (: Well, other then the boy situation, I had a great time, honestly! We ran around the petting zoo like retards and didn't care. It was a blast! Well, I think Mia and I are going to go over Georgi's to talk to her and spend the night, so I'll post a good one soon, pinky swear. (:
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥
P.s. Talia- if you had a blog, I was so going to give this too you! (:


  1. hannah! (: okay so first is this that michael guy you told me about!? and hahah im glad your not taking his shit. your inspiring me to make sure i dont take anyy shit from joey at school (: my fair is in town to! how crazy! (: ooh u and logan are back to hating each other again? ): im sorryyy ):

  2. Guys are assholes, that is all.


  3. I agree with Susuana guys are buttholes, and that's the end of it. Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider and girls go to college to get more knowledge. Haha a bit pre-school but absolutely true =) I'm glad to see that your a very independent woman, all girls should be like that =D Haha and thanks =D <3 Lots of love!

  4. glad u had a good time! i know, why do guys do such dumb things??? that's my question for life.

  5. He sounds really stupid. If he liked you, he would talk to YOU first. You shouldn't have to be the one to make the first move and he should know that.

    Please read my blog, too. The website is: And please comment, too. I love comments.

    Lots Of Love,


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