Monday, September 6, 2010

Boy, just open your eyes and realize she's completely in love with you.

Hello love bugs! Thank you, once again for all of you amazingly sweet comments! I guess I'll start in chronological order, so here it goes. Joel, please read this title because I look pathertic chasing after you and not realizing it, thanks. Although he, or anyone else around me, know about this blog, so therefore, this blog is safe and I can use real names. Okay, so I went to my school's football game Friday night and after was a dance for everyone that goes to my school. Joel is on the team, so he came a little late, but I danced with him for the majority of the time he was there. He didn't even realize that I was trying to get his attention by me going a standing back tuck in the middle of the dance floor, but everyone else did. I wish he would just ext me, so we could talk, but unfortunitally, he hasn't. Why? because he's a boy and doesn't realize that I'm falling all over him. Okay, secondly, the beach/family reunion/ weekend. Okay, on SATURDAY we went to my aunt's house and met up with the entire family and talked, played games, and eat great foos until about two in the morning. My favorite cousin, Nikki, lives there and it was AMAZING to see her. It's always great when we get to hang out. My sister, Abby, and I spent the night at her house while my mom, dad, and older sisters Sarah and Emily stayed at a hotel. Sunday morning we went out to breakfast with everyone at this amazing diner and talk and just hung out. Then, my family and Nikki's family all went back to Nikki's house and Abby, Nikki, and I walked to the park that's about five minutes away from her house. It's a beautiful town,which is right next to Amish country and we got to see horses and buggies go down the street and pet them and just take in all of the beautiful sites. Once we got there, Nikki's guy friends, Tommy, Jessie, Hayden, and Jorden all came down and we played basketball and volleyball and just hung out. We did not get to go to the beach because it was 60 degrees out all weekend, so instead of going to the beach on sunday, like we always do, we spent the day in Amish country where we walked around stores and bought Amish-made jewelry, furniture, decorations, and such in these little barns. It was so cute and amazingly fun. After that, we went to a huge outlet mall. After that, we went back to my aunts and spent time with the rest of my family. We took the cutest pictures while we were al together. Here are a few:

Well, hope everything with you all is well. I'll post tomorrow. (: X's and O's, Hannah. ♥


  1. Great pictures, glad you had fun with your family. Lol, joel probably wont be the last boy to do that to u with have this trouble with. Irritating I know.
    i got a new boyfriend over the weekend
    by i still have my right to complain about boys lol

  2. Love the pics, specially the first one =) I'm happy you had such a good time with your family. Lots of love <3

  3. preeety girl :) wheeeeey sounds like you had fun :D xxx


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