Sunday, November 21, 2010

I unappologize. ♥

Sheldon, the guy I've been drooling over for weeks now, is S I N G L E. That's right, he's B R O K E N U P with his girlfirend. Completely. Excitement. ♥ I'm going to wait for a few days, then, I'm going to pounce. ;) I mean it.
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥
P.s.- When I posted that last post, I was under major sleep deprivation and I'd had a few drinks. I mean, I was IMing Georgi and I wouldn't finish my thought and I was misspelling words and it was a mess. Michael made me depressed. It was horrible. I sat on my roof for six hours and didn't come back in until 2:30 and then I couldn't fall asleep. I was majorly Shitfaced. Point blank. I'm better now. I'm happy. I really am. (:
P.P.s.- I'm N O T deleting this blog. I swear. When I get sad, I start thinking no one cares and that I shouldn't be telling you all my life. Now I realize, whether or not you guys like it, I'm relieving stress. Love you all, from the bottom of my heart. ♥


  1. Hannah I'm so happy for you!!!! That's awesome. Go get em girl :p. I'm so happy your not deleting this awesome blog either. Don't worry I think everyone goes through that once in a while.

  2. yay! i'm so happy to hear that you're going to continue blogging. i mean, it was bad enough that Talia stopped blogging and commenting, but now you???? i could not even handle that. i love hearing from all your random things in your life, it's the boring stuff i live for! not that your blog is "boring", just.... you know what i mean. i'm just gonna stop talking, ha ha :)
    oh, and happy thanksgiving!


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