Monday, November 15, 2010

Multipule Meanings, one post. ♥

This picture explains it all. If only, he could just look at me and think "Damn, I'm missing out." Someone did. His name is Brandon. He doesn't go to my school. He doesn't live in my town. He isn't in the border of my state. Nope, he live in Texas. Clear, about twelve house away by car, three by plane. DAMNIT. When I was over Georgi's, me, her and my other best friend Jess were on Skype and we found him. He looks just like Justin Bieber. He's hootttt.♥ Plus, we were talking and he was like, what'd your facebook? I added him, we talked, and he told me my profile picture was cuuuute. (: He gives me goose bumps. But, ya' know. There's ALWAYS a downfall. Anyways, I don't think I can really like him. We've barely talked. Whatever. He thinks I'm cute. That's all that matters. (:

I've re-started my diet. IT's going great, for my first day. (: Since volleyball season is over, I'm not getting my great work out. But today, I played with my sister, and when the ball went out and she went after it, I did jumping jacks or up-downs until she made it back. When she went to the bathroom, I did sprints around my yard. When it got dark, I came in and did a Denise Austin Dance Mix DVD and it was fun. (: I'm eating better and I'm in a good mood, too!

This will be me, hopefully soon. ♥
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

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