Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Short Story Contest... ♥

Okay, so Seventeen Magazine has a fiction Short-Story contest, where you enter an under 500 word story, and have a chance to win $5,000. I entered with this story, tell me what you think. (:

102 Church Street,
New Wilmington, PA
June 13th, 8:13 P.M.

Ever Hills was sitting on a plastic lawn chair in her best friend, Milania’s, back yard, sipping a warm can of Sprite Zero, knees at her chest, hand-in-hand with her new boyfriend, Tyler, watching the football team play a game of corn hole. The object of the game: get the sack of corn in the hole of a board propped up on its wooden legs.
This was basically each of the player’s mottos in life. She gripped her mix-matched necklaces that were strung across her neck, looking down at some of her favorites: her long gold one with the bird charm, the shorter necklace with the two keys, and the one that she couldn’t hold, but could feel-her real-gold chocker with the heart charm.
This one was her grandmother’s necklace that she had gotten married in. When her grandma had passed, she had left her favorite grandchild her most prized possession. Her grandmother had married her grandfather when they were only sixteen and eighteen, which was acceptable at the time. Her grandmother had raised four children-four boys and one girl, her father being the oldest. Once she had died of a tumor, she passed the necklace on to the twelve year old. Ever had never taken of the necklace. Her grandmother had been a huge part of her life. She remembered going up to her grandparent’s house everyday and they always had the best Popsicle choices. She would grab her favorite flavor of the moment and sit out on the porch swing with her Pappap, her Gaga sitting on the chair right in front of her. They always gave her everything she wanted. She remembered running down the hill behind their house with her little sister, Carson, and two older sisters, Natalie and Meghan and playing Indians and tag. Once her Gaga had made her oh so famous spaghetti and her Pappap had burnt his garlic bread just so, the entire family sat down in the dining room and talked about what had happened that day. Then they would sit on that same porch swing and sing along to the songs that her Pappap could play on his much-needed-tuning Elvis guitar.
She remembered exactly what she was doing when her Gaga had first felt the tumor. Ever was in Wal-Mart with her, they were in the main hall way, and Ever was hold a big green bouncy ball, ready to check out. Her Gaga gripped her head, saying that it was just a migraine and that it would go away, but for some reason, Ever couldn’t believe her. The look of one of her favorite people in pain just ripped through her own head, giving her the feeling of a more painful migraine, also. Her Gaga passed on her birthday, her Pappap passing three weeks later. She was officially grandparent-less.
From that point on, she was determined to find her Pappap, one that loved her, and couldn’t live without her. Tyler wasn’t him, but why not shop around a little bit before buying?
“Babe, are you listening?” Tyler’s voice broke her train of thought. “Uh, what?” she asked, dropping her necklaces. “I asked if you were going to go in the pool with us or just fiddle with those necklaces all night.” He said, pulling her up. “Uh, yeah, sure.” She said, not because she wanted to swim, but because Tyler was already pulling her towards the ten foot deep end part of the pool. She stopped at the two-chaired table that she and Milania eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at when they’re at Milania’s, and took off her teal tank top and ripped jean shorts. Once she was about to take her necklaces off, Tyler picked her up and dangled her over the pool.
“Tyler, please put me down!” she screeched, hitting his bare, masculine chest. She hugged his neck, she maybe if he let her go, she’d still be hanging on him. When he let go of her legs, she screamed, wrapping them around him waist. “Babe, please!” she said kissing him on the check, knowing he’d let her go. He turned his back to water and set her down. She breathed a sigh of relieve, then put her hands on his shoulders and kissed him quickly on the lips. She smiled at him then pushed off of his chest, sending him scrambling through the air and into the pool. After the big smack that his bare back made when it hit the water echoed off of the cement, everyone looked to see what had happened. Once Tyler was safe in the water, she turned and took of her necklaces, tucking the chocker in her shorts’ pocket.
By the time she turned around, Tyler was flexing his biceps as he climbed out of the pool. Once he was out of the water, he came over to Ever, wrapping her in a wet, cold hug. “Oh, very cute.” He said. She pushed away from him, running and swan diving off of the diving board. Once Tyler saw that she was in the water without her, he ran to the slide, going down head first, grabbing Ever by her waist and pulling her down to the bottom. Once Ever’s feet were on the bottom, she opened her eyes, letting the chlorine burn them. She looked at Tyler, who also had his eyes open, and they kissed. After thirty second, they ran out of breathe, and had to swim up.
Tell me what you think, please? (: But other then that, I really haven't obsessed over anything lately. Now, I'm obsessed with entering in the Freebies in Seventeen. This month, you have the chance to win a new perfume, everyday! It's so fun, I've been doing it for the past two days and today. There's a new one every day, and new things to win every month, like bathing suits, bags, sun glass, ect. You should all try! (:
X's and Os', Hannah. ♥

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