Thursday, November 11, 2010

So shut up and kiss me. ♥

When I see you with her, my head starts to throb. My eyes get blurry, and I know I should look away. I can't. My eyes are locked. The world is moving without me. My friends gently nudge me to the side and ask me if I'm okay. Of course, they don't know the half of it. I act sly, nonchalant, and fine. But on the inside, I'm running into my room, locking the door, and hidding under the covers with my iPod on HIGH. I don't know how many pairs of headphones I can go through for these guys. I just fall to quickly. I get to excited. I need to stop.
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥
P.s.-My life is kind of jacked right now. This guy, Michael, and I have history. We've practically been together for two years, unofficially, of course. We were on again-off again. A mess, for sure. I never knew that I had legit feelings for him up until this "Ashley" chick came in. Sure, she's nice. Pretty? No. Everyone tells me she's a downgrade. I try hard not to hate her. Its not her fault. But, she is the reason I'm upset all the time. The reason I'm constantly choking up in school. She's the reason I'm always looking at the ground. It seems like My confedence is shot. Believe me, I was the cockiest person you'd ever meet. Now, I'm faking really bad. Then, last night, he texted me. He texted me first. It last for about three hours, then it just stopped. He still has a girlfriend. I was depressed. Oh well, it's better then nothing. Right?


  1. I love your blog I can always relate: that's the blog.

  2. It may seem like things are awful now but you have to remember that things will get better. Maybe not the way you planned but it will. Pinky promise my dear =) Lots of love <3

  3. Right because at least he talked for you for a second. Okay Im probably wrong. But I've been telling by self that ^ forever. But your pretty,smart,and an amazing person you'll find someone who will sweep you away.


  4. hannahh, hes such an idiott for picking her over you. seriously... obviously he has feelings for you still when he just randomly texted you! dont be sadd ): i hate when your sad! usually im the sad one that your cheering up! i promise you everything will be okayy becausee if its meant to happen, it will... (:

    Lauren (:
    P.S.- I got my phone taken awayy but as soon as I get it back, be expecting a text from me! (:

  5. Guys can be stupidly clueless like that, texting his ex while he's going out with someone. They just don't get it. Obviously he's not worth it, if he chose her over you. Feel better :)

  6. Aww, I'm sorry. And this is completley weird, but I'm reading this and my ipod (which is on shuffle) switched to Shut up and Kiss Me by Orianthi. =)


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