Sunday, April 17, 2011

You're so hypnotizing.

I have some pictures for youuuu.

This one is of my club volleyball team, Quest, at Spikefest in Huntington, WV. We were in the 18 bracket(Mind you, I just turned 15) and we were 16 out of 30. We beat 14 teams. These teams were the best on the West Coast. Yeah. I'm so effing proud.

This one is of my group from Spring Fling. I'm in the second row on the left. See meeeeee? :)

Okay. Nothing new has really happened that anyone would care about. I'm fighting with my mom alot, I might get the iPhone, whatever. But, my friend, Jess, and I got in a fight with Georgi on Friday. It was bad. Jess and I feel the same way about what's going on and Georgi doesn't. We all became friends with these girls, one a junior, three sophomores. We were all really close, then, Georgi started getting lcose with one of the sophomores. I don't care, go ahead. But, she started looking at Jess and I as if we were just dumb kids. Like, we were so immature. She used to act like an idiot with us! But now that's she BFFs with this girl, we're just stupid kids. She's a year old then us, too. (The year her dad died her mom held her back.) I just don't know what to do. Jess feels that Goergi tells them more than she tells us, which is so fucking true, it's ridiculous. I feel like I'm never asked how I feel, or how my life is, and I'm righ, too. I always ask her if her life is okay and how is she doing? Do I ever get asked? NO. Fuck. I'm just scared. I've been friends with her for so long, I don't know what to do. I'm glad I told her how I felt, I just wish it had com out better. We were all screaming at each other 8th period. She never asks Jess how her life is, either. Want to know how it started? She asked me what was up my ass. Then, she asked me why I was being such a bitch. FUCK THAT. Sorry. I just need a little time to blow off steam. I'll let you know what's new ehh, maybe tomorrow. I want to start blogging here more, but I don't think anyone cares. Whatever, I'll just blog for me. I did text Georgi yesterday and told her to have fun on her date and that she was my best friend and that I loved her. She said the samne, but with a sorry. Hell, what to do I do?

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  1. hannah, i haven't talked to you in so long! how are you?
    and about your friend, i'd give it time. because friends that say they're close still have another life (family life) that they keep hidden. some things might be going on with georgi that not even this sophomore knows.(story of my life) think about it that way. if you say you're both so close, then when she's ready, she'll come around


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