Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jesus Christ. Where do I begin?

Okay, I haven't posted ANYTHING in over a month. I'm really sorry for that. I know that if I have this blog I should blog, but I just am so busy. I had volleyball all the time and I would hang out with my friends a lot and it just wasn't easy. But I'm here now, and I'm going to try and catch you up to speed without writing a novel in the process.
-Michael began to text me all the time, day and night, and it was just really hard to ignore him, so we talked all the time. WE began to flirt and talk about what if we were together? What would we do? Would he still love me? Would he be faithful to me? We talked like we were getting married. Wanna know something? We stopped. Just out of the blue. I nearly jumped off a bridge. (Not really, but you know.) So, then he texts me and is like, you're all that I need in a girl and you're beautiful. You're my perfect girlfriend. blah. blah. blah. So then, we AGAIN stop talking. I'm trying to heal but it's really hard when someone you've been in love with for three years comes back and pulls on your heart strings, then leaves again. But that was when I realized that I'm a sexy ass mother fucker and I don't need any douche bag to make me feel complete. So, now I'm going to be alone. Because I'm better off without any baggage. That way, I can hang out with anyone I want. FUCK GUYS.
-Now, I realize that this time last year I'd already lost ten pounds. NOW I'm going to lose 15 before school. STARTING NOW I'm fasting. I'll blog everyday just to keep me busy, so you'll have something to read during these EXTREMELY hot days. I miss you all! Email ( comment, find me on tumblr(, or get me one Facebook. I just want to talk to you all, because everyone has a story, and I want to hear yours. :)
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

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