Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"And my blog was like, 'Why are you so obsessed with me?'"

The title-a pun? Yes, indeed. Alrighty, new obsessions!
Cold Wind Blows-Eminem
Love the Way You Lie-Eminem ft Rihannah
Kissin' You-Miranda Cosgrove
Shut Up and Kiss Me-Orianthi
Not Afraid-Eminem
Airplanes Remix-B.o.B., Haley Williams ft Eminem
Somebody to Love-Justin Bieber (heart)

Oranges sliced
(notice how much healthier?)

Vaeline Lip Therapy
Milk& brown sugar face wash(homemade)
Frosty Rose Lip stick(I feel like a business woman putting lipstick on, hehe)

X's and O's, Hannah.


  1. Cool obsessions Hannah =) lolz. I'll be sure to check everything ur obsessing over out (except for that song kissing u...I'm sorry bout i HATE Miranda Cosgrove with a fiery passion). Lots of endless love <3 =) haha

  2. I love Eminem! But mostly Not Afraid. When I was in the sixth grade, he scared me. :).

    I love the blog title, and I'll check out everything else. But, like Talia I also hate Miranda Cosgrove.

    Cool blog.


  3. I've had a clementine obsession lately! They're so good aren't they? (They're pretty much the same as oranges, but smaller and with less pulpy-stuff). I'm glad you have obsessions, it's good to get inspired :) And i love making homemake exfoliator with sugar and olive oil!

  4. hahah im agreeing with talia and charlotte with the hatrid of miranda cosgrove but i do love all the other songs. and i wish i had enough will power to have all my favorite foods healthy. right nowww mine are like oreos, choclate poptarts(which are surprisinglyy amazing!) fruit rollups and these amazing choclate penut butter things... hmm.. maybe i shud try following your example and eating a little healthier like youu! (:

    love you,
    Lauren (:

    P.S. Love the way you lie is my favee songg! (:

    P.P.S (or P.S.S?) is there any way that in ur settings you can change it so i can comment just under my namee cuz every time i try to post a comment i have to sign in and i am just muchh to lazy to want to do that every time hahah (:

    P.P.P.S (P.S.S.S?)haha im such a stalkerrrr for posting such a super longg comment! (:

  5. i've never made face wash, but i have made salt scrub, and it is amazing. i've made vanilla salt scrub and also lemon salt scrub. i prefer lemon.
    yeah, i'm obsessed with fruit lately, too. but i'm not dieting. i just crave Granny Smith apples all the time. and nectarines. mmmm! love 'em. for some reason, i crave tons of fruit in the summer. also another obsession i had was eating marinara sauce out of the jar with a spoon. i know, disgusting. but it's delish!


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