Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I can't imagine you hating me. Ever.

So, there's this boy. He's a year older then me. We've 'talked' for a year and alot of months and nothings happened. Mostly because I was also chasing other guys and never taking him seriously, but once I do, I realize he's been with me through a lot. He's told me many times that he liked me, but I ran away, knowing he'd still be there. But the last time I did this, he cut me off. Once there were no text messages, emails, facebook comments, or phone calls, I began hurting. My pride was stone and I would not text him first. My best friends Georgi, Mia, and Jess, all told me that I was doing the right thing, but I was so beyond over the whole childish and ancient rule that guys had to make the first move. In the time that we weren't talking, I went to visit my cousin, Nikki, and I flirted with TONS of guys. There was Rocco, Riley, James, Chris, Bryan, Brenden, and more. I became friends with them on facebook and we talked for hours. I knew that he was getting jealous because I grew up with his best friend Logan, and Logan is also Georgi's boyfriend, and he told Logan everything, then it got back to me. We then started talking again, but we stopped texting after a week. Now I'm lucky if I get a 'hey' once in a while. I'm so d.o.n.e. I could have any guy I wanted, but he made me feel special. He'll text me "good morning, beautiful (:" and then he'll right on this girls wall and be like 'want to go to the movies?" Where the fuck does that leave me? I'm done fucking around. I'm so done. If he wants to talk to me, he will. I'm not going make myself look stupid or slutty by talking to him. We even went to winter formal together! What the fuck? Is it just me or is this situation fucked? Any advise?


  1. hm, this is definetly a tricky situation. it sounds like u guys r half friends, half wanting to be something more. it's like, on and off, right? i was in a situation similar to urs about a year ago. there was this guy (here we go) and he liked me and always told me, but like u, i ran away from all that jazz. i kept sending him mixed emotions all the time and then he just cut me off. at first, it hurt. sometimes i would cry and give anything just to talk to him, to say "hi". we talk when we see eachother around, but don't rlly have conversations like we used to. it got rlly awkward, but now i realize that i don't rlly need him to be happy. this must sound confusing, cause i'm reading back and am getting confused:) all in all, keep doing what ur doing, and things will even out from there. just follow this one little tip: DON'T. ACT. DESPERATE. boys smell insecurity, like police dogs smell bad guys and dru gs, ha ha

  2. woahh last time i heard, i thought you and logan hated each other? but that's beside the point haha. I felt kind of like that with Joey, it was like, i wanted to text him more and keep appoligizing because i still liked him so much and wanted to talk to him, but i didn't want to keep doing it and make myself seem totally desperate. well we both know that i pretty much just gave up and now me and him never talk at all. but i think i did the right thing because he shouldve texted me if he wanted to talk to me. if this guy (name please? (: ) is giving you mixed signals, you shud wait for him to talk to you, because if he doesn't then he doesn't deserve you and it's time to move on. hope this helps (:
    lots of love,
    Lauren (:
    P.S: I must love you a lot because i STILLLL have to sign in everytime to post a comment and i'm doin it for youuu! (:

  3. Lauren, I love you, also! (: And Logan apologized, and I was like, whateva! (:

  4. allot of guys are just idiots like that hes need to sort him self out and stop messing u around
    move on



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