Friday, July 9, 2010

For Ever

102 Church Street,
New Wilmington, PA
September 5, 3:09 P.M.

The streets of New Wilmington were silent as Ever Hills’s boyfriend, Tyler slipped into her window. “Hey, babe,” he breathed into her ear as he embraced her in a hug. “Hi,” she said, giving him a stiff hug. Ever’s parents were two floors below them, and Natalie, her older sister, was two rooms away, giving them the privacy Tyler always complained that they never had. “Who’s moving in next door?” he asked, as ever sat back on her bed, flipping her hair over and tying it in a high pony tail. “I’m not sure, the moving truck just showed up today, but no one’s stayed in there.” Ever responded, still leaning over. When she sat up straight, Tyler ran up and knocked her onto the bed. He pinned her arms over her head and kissed her hard on the lips. She turned her head to the side, trying to escape his forceful lips. “Tyler, really?” she asked, using all of her volleyball muscle to sit up and push him off of her. “Babe, are you ever going to commit yourself to this relationship or is just going to be me who’s trying here, because it’s getting kind of old.” Ever rolled her eyes, thankful for her dark room, because she knew that would just get Tyler mad. Tyler, being the most popular boy at Victorian Evening Academy had had many girl friends, taking it to third base multiple times, but Ever wasn’t ready to give herself away, especially to Tyler. He was a good boy friend, but he wasn’t the right one. She wasn’t afraid; she just didn’t really like Tyler all that much. He was nice in the beginning, but then he got clingy, mean, and forceful. It seemed like all he wanted was to get in her pants, which can only be expected from the star football player.
“Tyler, I’m just not ready. What’s the rush?” she asked, looking at his dark figure in the dark. She saw his shadow move, assuming he was resting his elbows on his knees and rubbing his eyes. “Look, I like you, but if you’re not willing to take us to the next level, then I don’t think this is going to last, Ever.” He said, tiredness littering his voice. Ever walked across the room, grabbing his hands and laying him back on her queen sized bed; they lay next to each other for a while, his arms wrapped around her. Ever felt awkward, but knew that Tyler would be made if she didn’t show at least a little affection. “Just not now, with my parents here, and Natalie so close; wait a little bit.” Of course this was a lie, she had no intention of giving her virginity to him, but she liked spending time with him when he wasn’t on top of her.
“So did you hear that there’s going to be a new math teacher, Mr. Stofcheck? I hear he’s really cool. He used to teach at Mason’s old school.” Mason was Tyler’s best friend from a few towns over. “No,” she said, but her response was muffled by his white tee-shirt. His arms tightened around her, and he kissed her cheek, his lips lingering for a good five seconds; he was clearly trying to get Ever to make out with him, but she wasn’t falling for it.
“Tyler, maybe you should go.” She said, using all of her force to push off of him. “Ever,” he said, but she was already across the room opening the window. He stood up, and walked out of her room. When he reached her, she had her arms crossed and looking at the ground. He touched her arm and kissed her on the lips. “Bye,” he said. Ever mumbled a “Later,” but she didn’t really care if he couldn’t hear her.
He squeezed out of her window and walked to the end of her roof. Once he had made it all the way down her rope-ladder, Ever pulled it up and went back in her room. She closed her screen and shut and locked her window. She went to her bed, grabbing her Mac book Air and setting it on her lap. Once she had logged onto Facebook and Blogger, she check all of the new posts. She realized no one would be on at three in the morning two days before school, so she logged out of Facebook and concentrated on Blogger. She decided to write a post on her love-life.

I Lied.

I told you I loved you,
But I really don’t.
I told you that you meant something to me,
But you really don’t.
I told you I found you special,
But I really don’t.
I told you you’d be my first,
But you’re not going to be.
What can I say?
I lied.

She already felt better with herself after posting this, considering someone, somewhere would read it. So what if someone didn’t comment on it? She’d know that they had seen it, and that gave her courage.

She logged out of Blogger and opened a new Google page. Once she was on, she look up pictures tagged with Abuse, curious with what she’s find. There were many pictures of girls with bruises and black eyes, but there were no pictures of guys with marks left on them. No woman in their right mind would have the courage to abuse a man, knowing that they were stronger. Women just had more respect then men, in her opinion.
Next, she looked up Hurt on the same website. She found a picture with this written on paper

Isn’t it ironic?
We ignore the ones who adore us,
Adore the ones who ignore us,
Love the ones who hurt us,
And hurt the ones that love us.

She felt like these pictures just described her entire life. She just couldn’t believe that these actually went through everything she’s going through. She closed her laptop and got under her covers, curling into a ball like she did when she was little. She lay there thinking about what had changed in her life in the past year.
For one, she was no longer a cheerleader, but a volleyball and softball starter. She was still popular, but she was no longer friends with half of the friends she used to be friends with. She was still friends with her best friend for almost twelve years, Milania, but she wasn’t friends with Kirsten, Carson, and Gia anymore. Her and Milania had gotten really close over the summer, going with Ever’s family to Paris, then to California with Milania’s mom. They just seemed to block everyone else out. She also let her naturally bleached blonde hair grow out of its normal pixie cut and into a one-length long hair cut that ran all the way down her back to the tip of her butt. She had moved to a bigger house in the same town because her father had needed a bigger office, seeing as he was a full-time book reviewer, or a professional reader, as Ever called it. She had started dating Tyler three months ago, and that seemed to be when she got older friends, like Carry, Katie, and Gabriella, but other then her friends, everything he had to offer had made her life crazy. She knew she should break up with him, but she did like him-to an extent.
She didn’t feel tired, so she climbed out of her window and sat on her roof with a blanket and her cell phone. Her Droid powered on, and she dialed Milania’s number. “Can you come here?” she said, not bothering to say hello. “Ev, you know it’s almost three in the morning, right?” Milania asked; grogginess in her question. “Yeah, never mind.” She said, sighing. “I’ll be there in five,” Milania said. Ever smiled to herself, knowing that she would be there.
Like clock work, Milania’s Jeep Liberty pulled up at the end of Ever’s drive-way. Milania’s gummy flip-flops barely made any sound as she ran to the spot under the roof where Ever was lying. She threw the end of her rope ladder back down to let Milania up. Once she was sitting next to Ever, she pulled two Mike’s Hard Lemonade out of her Prada messenger bag. They opened them and chugged them down to the beginning of the wrapper. “Now, what’s wrong?” Milania asked, crawling under Ever’s blanket. “I don’t know how I feel about Tyler.” She said, taking another sip of her drink. “I knew this was coming,” Milania said, pulling a pen and notebook out of her bag. “Pros and cons list; do it now.” She ordered, handed Ever the pen and notebook while taking another drink.
Ever took the supplies, sitting up and making a squiggly line down the center. She labeled the left side Pros and the left side Cons, and began writing.

Pros: Makes me smile
Cons: Is only interested in
Getting in my pants





Doesn’t care about me

Self centered
By the time she finished her list, she knew Milania wouldn’t be pleased. “Here,” Ever said, handing her the list and biting her lip. “You’ve got to be kidding me? Is this really worth it?” Milania said. Ever shushed her, knowing her parented might hear them, considering Milania basically shouted. “Look, I know I should break up with him, but just not right now.” Ever said, looking around her incase her parents had come out of the house too look for the racket. “Fine, but you’re going to break up with him, right?” Milania asked, looking worried. “Yes, I promise.” Ever said, her fingers crossed behind her back. “No crosses count!” Milania said, raising her eye brow at Ever’s arm. “Ugh, fine.” Ever responded, pulling her arm out from behind her.
“Want to spend the night?” Ever asked. “Well, is it okay with your parents?” Milania asked, chugging the rest of her Lemonade. “Milania, you’re always aloud in my house, my parents love you; sometimes I think more then me.” Ever said, looking at her best friend. “Okay, fine. Just let me move my car, you dad needs out of the garage early in the morning.” Milania said, already climbing down the ladder.

When Milania returned, she brought two more Hard Lemonades with her, seeing as Ever had drank all of hers once Milania had left. “Who else can say that the day before the first day of sophomore year they spent the night on their best friend’s roof drinking alcoholic lemonade? Not many.” Milania said. “Well, not many.” Ever responded, taking another drink. “But if my relationship with Tyler continues, I’m going to need a whole lot more of these.”


  1. Hannah, I absolutely love it, you REALLY have to write more. Your such an amazing talented writer. SO write and post ASAP!

  2. hi, Hannah! ur so good at writing, especially song lyrics. when u get the chance, post some more of ur story, cuz i would love to read more.


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