Friday, July 23, 2010

Hiiiiiiiiii :D

I'm in a great mood! I cleaned out my closet, swept my carpet, and re-aranged all of my shoes in my room yesterday. But the cleaning doesn't stop there! I'm going to clean my dining room, living room, and kitchen while my mom's at work so that my cousin (Nikki) can come and stay with me for a week. :D Well, how are you all? I hope well, because you're all very lovely people, as I can tell from your posts. (: Ahhhhh, I'm at a lose for words, which doesn't happen much. Oh! Well in my obsession blog, It say "Airplanes Remix" It's actually Airplanes Part 2. (: Well, I'm going swimming, have a lovely day! (:


  1. sounds like ur in a good mood 2day:) have a great rest of the day, Hannah!

  2. Glad youre having a nice day
    thanks for following me
    Im following you too :)


  3. Awe I'm very happy your in such a good mood. It's so weird because I can tell that your really close with your cousin Nikki, well I have a cousin whom I never see and were having a sleepover next week! =) So I can relate. I agree with Jade, hope you have a fab rest of the day =) Endless love <3

  4. thank you, ur posts inspire me, too:)


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