Saturday, July 24, 2010

S.H.U.T. U.P.

"Hannah, do the dishes." my father demands.
"Hannah, clean your room so Nikki can stay." my mother declares.
"Hannah, turn down your music." my sister complains.
"Hannah, stop listening to that rap music." my great aunt says.
"Hannah, take a bigger breathe before you sing that note." my voice teacher explains.
"Hannah, take Lyssie out." my older sister pleads.
"Hannah, read this book." Georgi suggests.
"Hannah, eat something." my stomach groans.

I'll do the dishes when they need done. I just cleaned my room, it looks fine. I like my music blasting, it's not even that loud. I like my music, don't tell me what to listen to. I have enough air, I can hit it. Lyssie just went out. I read that book already. I just ate an hour ago, I'm busy now, just wait.

I do what I want, so just let me be. I can do all of this some other time, I just want to enjoy life, so just S T O P I T.


  1. i totally agree. i hate when ppl are so controling, especially when they tell me what music to listen to. my grandma says all todays music is pointless, but you know what? i think her doo wop whatever music is pretty pointless! so let me listen to my crazy fast punk rock that most ppl despise, and you listen to your own music, right? i mean, i just HATE when ppl try to control me like that.
    i loved this post:) i'm reading back, and jeez, i sounded like a rage in the cage, huh? ha ha, sorry 'bout that :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel, I actually did a post like this a while back. You just have to rise above the voices and hear your own.

  3. I hear almost the exact same things *sigh*. People should really stop being so controlling.

  4. I was born and raised in Italy. My grandparents are american. I learned english in 6th grade. My dad lives in america. I am obbsessed with trying to lose weight. I'm glad I learned english because I can make this blog without worrying about anyone I know reading it. If you do not like, please leave. thank you.

  5. i went through that faze a couple of years i basically said that to mum, it was cool, lol i dont suggest that with everyone parents though lol


  6. ahh welcome to the world of drama drama drama. it's okay though. you've got control. you're sitting in the driver seat. when things get tough..remember that :) xxx


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