Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm done.

i'm done fucking around about this loosing weight thing.
I'm going to.
In a few minutes I'm going running with my sister and our friend.
Ifeel sick with myself.
I ate a peice of pizza today and a Klondik bar.
I'm running it off, times ten.
I've excersied all day, I can do this.
Wish me luck!

X's and O's, Hannah. <3


  1. thanks for the comment(: really sweet. and good luck with ur run and everything but i'm sure with or without the run you will always be beautiful(: i really believe tht too. <3

  2. LUCK!! (: messageee me laterr girl! (:

  3. i always feel this way too! lol.

    i follow back :D thanks for the comment.

  4. GOOD.FOR.YOU. Your such a inspiration! Good luck with your run! =)

  5. have a good run, Hannah! and btw, don't worry about one slice of pizza and a kondike bar. you'll burn it all off on ur run :)

  6. Good luck!(:
    It's okay to have a piece of pizza and a klondike bar every now and then. Just remember that it's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy. Sometimes I get a little too obsessive about my weight, but then I realize that it doesn't matter all too much. It's just a shell, right? I'm glad you're doing everything in a healthy way, though.

    P.S. - Sorry for giving you a little speech, haha. I'm just really protective whenever people are trying to loose weight, I'm just paranoid that they're going to hurt themselves. But I trust you! Good luck again(:


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