Thursday, July 15, 2010

Over and out...

I have decided that the only way to get what I want done is to do it. I want to loose five pounds. It worked for Sarah, so I'm going to stop Blogging, Facebooking and commenting on Lisi's until then. Basically I'm cutting myself off from the outside world. It'll be a healthy lose, not an anorexic/forceful diet, I'm just going to try it. (: Alright, this is tah-tah for now! I'll still check it, but I'm closing down posting. Buh-bye! X's and O's, Hannah.


  1. If that were me, I'd end up eating through boredom.

  2. Aw :(
    Well, see you when you're done then.
    I hope I won't have to wait *too* long for your next post :)

  3. Thanks for following hannah and good luck with the challenge even though your probably beautiful :)

  4. I'll miss your amazing blogging but I hope you get your goal achieved. I think I need to loose some weight also =P

  5. We'll all miss you dearly :( At least you're making an effort to lose weight (I've been wanting to do that for a while, but just couldn't be bothered). Hope it works out well :)


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