Wednesday, July 14, 2010

True Love.

It's official,
I'm a true genius.
My parents are back together!
I went upstairs yesterday
After I was laying in the
Basement, and there
They were, snuggling on the couch!
I realize that to some of you,
this may be gross if it were
your parents, but I was never happier!
Plus, I ate a strawberry banana
smoothie from Sheetz and I didn't throw it up!
It's been a good day. (:


  1. Awe that's so sweet I am so happy about this =) Yay for you and ur parents! lots of endless love <3

  2. That is so great, I'm really happy for all of you ! :)

  3. This brings me smiles. (: And I love that cute picture. Old couples make my sister sad, but I think they kind of make me happy. To think that someone could love you for that long. I'm so happy for you, Hanna.

  4. i'm backk :) and that was a beautiful post. im so happy your mum and dad are back together :) <3


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