Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thing to do...

...Before summer's over:

1. Skinny dip
2. go streaking
3. get a certain boy to talk to me again. :(
4. write a very LONG blog. (:
5. download 1,000 songs to my iPod Touch
6. paint my room
7. spend an entire day in my pool
8. eat nothing but fruits for an entire week
9. get 10 comments on a single blog
10. sit on my roof with my best friend, drinking wine coolers, bull-shitting and telling secrets

P.s. This is how I'm doing my hair, minus the black roots. :p Friday, 2 o'clock, I'll be sitting in Cassie's chair, letting her work her magic. (:


  1. Awesome to-do list =) And your hair is going to look super duper pretty <3

  2. Hey hottie (: I miss u): skinny dipping is sooo much funn! (: so even tho it's only like 9 by u it's almost 4 right now in Austria and im boredd so I think it's time u go on the computer and fbook message me? Kthanksbye (;

  3. Hey hottie yourself. (: And I did! I hope you have TONS! of fun, girl! (:


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