Tuesday, August 17, 2010

apologies are in order. . .

Sorry for the short posts lately, I've just been really busy. For those of you who car, I've lost over 20 pounds, so that's amazing (: I've had volleyball everyday for the past month, so that helps, too. I run on my off days, and just eat when I'm hungry, and healthy foods then. When I'm bored, I grab sugar-free gum and go swimming, It makes me feel good about myself. Last night, while sitting at my kitchen table with my sister Sarah and ,y mom, then were munching on potato chips and ranch dip, I ate an apple and drank water. I must say, it's so nice to now think that, instead of rewarding myself with junk food, I'll take a few minutes off of running or only do so many crunches. I don't feel guilty at the end of the day, laying in bed. There were only a few times when I cracked and ate a cookie or nachos, but junk food is fine in moderation. I've come to realize that those things are okay, but isn't it great to feel good at the end of the day and have more energy from fruits and veggies, then lay in bed and feel the urge to do crunches or run off that Klondike bar? Yes, it's great to go to sleep at a decent hour and be able to wake up early and want to go for a run or just a walk. I always make time to do something physical. If I'm tired, I take it easy and don't push myself that hard so I don't want to grab a Red Bull, but maybe a low-fat protein bar. During the day, I usually eat this: Breakfast-Cheerio's Lunch-Salad;lettuce, low-fat cheese, fat-free Italian dressing Dinner- Scrabbled Eggs with Ketchup, cooked peas,green beans, or corn. Snacks- fruit, or 100 calorie snack. As you can see, it's very healthy. I feel very pleased with myself. When I go out to eat, I usually order a side salad to start with, that way I'm not that hungry when my meal comes. I order the smallest amount of chicken strips they have, that way I get my meat, and Chicken, when baked, is not bad for you. It's very satisfying, so I'm not hungry for a long time. My best friend asked me if I had lost weight. I said yes, and she hugged me and said that I look beautiful no matter what. I said thank you, and she asked if I was doing it in a healthy way. Of course I am! Well, other then ranting and raving about my dieting special, I need to address a few of you. To those of you who comment my blog alot, I'd like to thank you, so much! Knowing that someones there to listen to me, and give my advise, it makes me smile like an idiot while looking at the computer. (: I also want to apologize for how slowly I respond to them personally by commenting on your blogs. If you are not already following these blogs, I encourage you too! (:

Blogs to Follow:
Jade, at http://buggythedinosaur.blogspot.com/
Francesca, at http://pigsflyingwithme.blogspot.com/
Susuana, at http://susuanalove.blogspot.com/
Sarah, at http://aimhighfallgracefully.blogspot.com/
and Ruth, at http://theruthchronicles.blogspot.com/

Those are the only ones that I can think of right now, but they have awesome blogs! I really enjoy reading them! Follow them, too! If you can, that is. They are all amazing writers and really entertain me! Okay, now I'm off, I have to go get ready for day two of Volleyball Try-outs! (:
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥


  1. i'm so happy for you about your diet, and it makes me feel better that you're going at it in a healthy way instead of under eating and over exersising. that's smart of you to do
    and thank you for mentioning my blog as one to visit, it means a lot to me :) i love ur blog too, whenever i turn on my computer, i always want to know if you updated your blog.
    have fun at ur next volleyball tryout :)

  2. wow 20 pounds! That is so amazing, you go girl! Keep on going, it's something to be very proud of.

  3. Good job! You inspire me.
    Good luck for volleyball!

  4. I'm so glad you lost weight in a healthy way! I wish I had that much good energy. You inspire me! Thanks so much for mentioning me, it means a lot(:

  5. Congratulations on the diet! You've been working hard, and you deserve those 20 pounds off ya. I'm so happy for you! Keep it up with eating healthy, and exercising! Lots of love! <3

  6. 20 Pounds? Wow, that's awesome. You must be very happy with yourself! I think it is so cool that you found a way to channel your hunger and diet...good luck!

    - Rabina

  7. Thats so great 20 pounds I wish i could do that i've been doing or trying to do 30 crunches ever hour or walking around my yard like 5 times which is really big since i live in front of lke a conservation area cause i dont have a treadmill and i cant really walk anywhere because theres not really any space to run but i just cant loose any weight and i havent really been snacking much i have fruit for breakfast a simple little sandwich for lucnch and sometimes dinner if im hungry please list some tips!



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