Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm standing on my Monopoly board. That mean's I'm on top of my game.

I don't know. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I don't know who I like. I don't know what I like. I just don't know. If there's one thing I do know of, is that I want to finish a book. I want to write it, publish it, and get people tp read it. I know that I like to sing. I know that I love to dance. I know that I like a certain boy. (: I know that I love the color purple. I know that I love high fashion. I know that I want to be able to rap along with Eminem one day. I know that I want the iPhone to come to verizon. I know that I want a lot. I just HATE deciding. I want to eat ice cream, but it's SO bad for you. I'm running. I'm running for ever tonight.

Alright, enough of that. Here are some recomendations-
listen to-
No Love by Eminem ft. Lil Wayne.
Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri
Love the Way You Lie-Eminem ft Rihanna

LA Candy


for as long as possible!!!!!!!

"It's a little to late to say that you're sorry now. You kicked me when I was down. Fuck what you say. It don't hurt me, no more, no more. You show me nothing but hate, you ran me into the ground. But what comes around goes around. He man you don't hurt me, you don't hurt me, no more. Bitch you get no love, no love, no love. I'm alive again, more alive than I have been in my whole entire life. I can see these people's ears perk up as I begin." ♥
X's and O's, Hannah.


  1. wanna know a secret? i read somewhere that ice cream is actually the perfect food for dieting. i'm not talking about hot fudge sundaes or anything like that, just plain hard ice cream. they say that it makes you full so you are satisfied before you finish it and it keeps you full for awhile. also sherbert has no fat in it, just the sugar from the fruit in case it's the dairy part ur worried about. <that's in case u want ice cream :) my mom told me that stuff from something that she read.
    it's okay that u don't know what to do. ur gonna be a freshman (right?) so u still have plenty of time to decide what u wanna do in life. i'm a year older than you, and i'm still deciding, so don't sweat it too much!

  2. That's co cool about the ice cream thing but I know what I want to do be performer after all it is what I have been training all my child hood to do and taking private lessons and what not no doubt about it.

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  4. It's okay not to know. It's perfectly fine actually. Everyone is undecided, so don't sweat it. One day things will be oh-so much clearer. Pinky promise. Lots of love <3


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