Monday, August 2, 2010

At least I got something out of it.

I went to volleyball open gym this morning, 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. and I've got to say, I'm so tired. Now, I'm five foot seven inches, so I'm tall. We had to do box jumps, where you have to jump from the ground and on top of a stool-looking thing. there was a small one, a medium one, another small one, then one that came up to my hip. I made all of them everytime I did them! We went across all of them in a line and that was one, and we did it ten times, and I feel like I sweat off an entire person! My coach was calling me the box jumping allstar. (: It was so funny. We ran for ten minutes, did calve raises, and wall sits, push ups, planks, and sit ups/crunches. Then, we did an assortment of high-knees, grapevines, lunges, and shuffles. I'm aching so bad right now. I feel so good, though! I'm also going for a run at seven p.m. with my little sister. At least volleyball is giving me a workout, loosing weight, and giving me energy! (: Wish me luck.


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  2. Yeah no matter what you go through atleast I got something out of it! haha!
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  3. especially the COMMENT and FOLLOW part.

  4. phewwwwwww sounds EXHAUSTING D:
    i luff volleyball too <3
    but sometimes it can be so tiring.
    and that's weird;; we both play volleyball, and we're both 5 foot 7 :P
    yay. hahah
    luv ur blog post, as always

  5. good luck at volleyball, i cannot even attempt to try it. truth is, i'm not that good at sports at all. i like running and kayaking and front flips on the trampoline a lot better for me. anything "team"ish doesn't work for me at all.

  6. Wow you must be really dedicated, I love it when I see people really dedicated to what they want. Good for you and good luck! =) Lots of love <3

  7. nom nom nom. burning calories! :D lucky moose you :) xxx


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