Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tears down her cheek fall to her heart. ♥

Explanation to come, but right now, I'm crying in my bed with my iPod on full blast.
Broken X;s and O's, Hannah. ♥

P.s.- My older sister, Sarah, went to get Joey tonight, and he'll be here and I'll get to see him on Friday. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. Awe, please don't tell me your not crying over a boy...especially Joelle. But I think that picture explains it all. Listen to me very closely Hannah, boys come and go. Kind of like stars. They are amazing when they first show, all beautiful and sparkly but in the end they'll always go away. You have your health and your family, so don't waste your tears on a silly boy who you'll look back and say "Oh...yeah...him." One day, I PROMISE you, one day you will find a man who is handsome, kind, sweet, smart, and who treats you well, and who loves you and who your going to love back. And that man will be by your side in a few years, saying "I do." Lots of endless, endless, endless, ENDLESS, oh and did I mention endless?, love <3

  2. *oops I meant to say please tell me your not crying over a boy.

  3. wtf thats justtt not cool!
    Im sorry love
    But thats just prove that he wasnt the one
    It happens, you move one, they'll be others trust me lol. Your yung and beautiful, dnt make your self uclgy and miserable by crying please hun :)


  4. aww, Hannah, i feel your pain. i really do. i feel the exact same way, it isn't even funny. but hey, you're a great person, you'll find a great guy, too :) promise :)


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