Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I feel like I've been so dramatic lately. I feel like I put you all under the impression that my life is hell. It's not, my life is great actually. My volleyball team is 6-2, I have an amazing best friend, I've become friends with two girls who are AMAZING! I have an amazing family who loves me, and I have alot of great things. I also have you, my followers, who are my inspiration. So what if the guy I like doesn't like me. There are other fish in the sea, as my mother says. I'll get over it. I'm sorry for annoying you all. (: On the plus side, it's finally AUTUMN! Which means bonfires, hoodies, crisp air, and HALLOWEEN! I love halloween. I'm going to be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Lyssie is going to be her dog, Bruiser. (: ♥ I swear, Happy post is coming your way soon. (:
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥


  1. I love Legally Blonde!! Id on't know what to be. Any suggestions? Who's Lyssie?


  2. hey, aren't all teenagers dramatic? god knows i sure am ^-^ ha ha.
    amen to that, sister! you don't need to waste your breath on a guy that doesn't like you back. wow, i'm saying this to you, yet i'm going through the same thing. easier said than done, i guess...
    aww, your costume idea is so cute! i've seen that movie before but can't really remember it, cause it was so long ago. even though i'm technically too old, i don't give a crap that i'm in high school, so i'm going to be an art freak. teased hair with spray-on hair dye. striped leggings with a frilly skirt on. tye dye. converse. i mean, come on, you gotta have converse :D also i might have a bandana around my leg and carry an ebony pencil around with me, tucked behind my ear.
    ... also, i don't think you're annoying hannah. just normal :)


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