Thursday, September 30, 2010

You're better then that. ♥

I know, I know. Easier said then done. Typical cliche. But, when you're saying "Get over him, you can do better." it describes the situation in the best way possible. I know, every time I see *him in the hall, I smile brighter, I laugh louder, and my heart skips a beat. Same thing happen to you? All you want is to be with *him. I understand where you're coming from. The best advice I can give is to hold your head high, and walk with the most confidence you can gather. It's not easy, but if you can fake it, sooner or later you'll realize that you should have you for you. You don't need to loose weight, wear more makeup, or dress better. You are amazing just how you are, no boy should EVER look down on you. I'm realizing this. I am myself, take me or leave me. I'm going to find somebody who accepts that. Embraces that, really.
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

P.s.- Jade, this is the comment on your post, too. (:


  1. thanks for saying this hannah, it really helps and made me feel better :) ur so sweet and such a loyal follower. i thank you for that.
    glad your feeling better about joel :)

  2. Okay, so maybe I do that. Thanks for reminding me of what's important(:


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