Sunday, December 5, 2010

People say you don't know what you have until it's gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you'd lose it.

A recap post:
To any of you who actually care about my life, here's the long, drawn out story.
I've been in an on/off relationship with this guy, Micahel, for two years, three in February. We've talked since the middle of my seventh grade year, his eight. I've been afraid to talk to him since then. He got a girlfriend, Ashley, right before Halloween, I believe. I really didn't care, though, because I was talking to a million different guys at the time, including one that I had kissed in the summer while Micahel and I were talking. Jesse(the guy I kissed), lives by my cousin, two hours north of me, so it wasn't like I saw him regularly. I just kissed him because I was there for a week and a half and we got close. No biggie. But Micahel thought it was. Recently, since about the begining of Novemeber, I've been head-over-heels for Michael. I didn't realize just how much I loved talking to him every second of every day. Now, I'm the desprate bitch waiting for them to break up. I try texting him, but it's just a slap in the face everytime I see her initials as his signature. I told him on Thanksgiving that I really liked him, and he said he still likes me. It's just too difficult. I think I'm just going to have to get over him. It's not going to be easy, but it'll happen. Eventually. I just wish that I could kiss kim and tell him I loved him. Because I do. I've loved him for three years.
X's and O's, Hannah.


  1. I love the title of this post! I wanna steal it :) Just kidding. And I don't know, do you think he's worth it? If he's just going to drop you again?
    What do YOU want?
    (Sorry I know I sound like a therapist :) )

  2. <3 sorry not to many words but that's all I can say (:

  3. Hannah, if he chooses this girl over you there is CLEARLY some poison in his brain. Don't worry, I promise things will get better and eventually you will find that "one special" guy =) Lots of love<3

  4. If you just wait, maybe something will happen. Maybe things will work themselves out. Or maybe you'll be the one to work them out. I really do hope things work between you two, and I have a feeling they will.


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