Thursday, March 10, 2011

You put quite a show, really had me going.

Hello, hello, hello! :)
Well, I made a pact with myself: don't post until you've gotten over the d-bag that broke your heart.
Well, I guess he isn't really a d-bag, but he kind of annoys me how he thinks he's so high and mighy just because I want him now. Whatever, eff him. But, anyways, about the second sentence, yes, am. Almost. Let me start from the begining.
At my schools Winter Formal, this guy Colby and I danced the whole night together. Did I think anything of it? No, I was freaking depressed out the ass about whom? Oh, yeah. Him. Whatever, here's the story of Me and Colby:
He moved to my school at the begining of last year. We've always had a very, very, very flirty relationship. We'd walk in he halls together, dance together at the Ater-Football-Game dances, and we'd text all the time. Did I care? No, I was talking to Michael then, so he was my main priority. Then, at the begining of this school year, we really got close. Then all I cared about was Michael. I was a bitch to every one. That was my darkest time ever.

No we're talking ;) and He's my date to my Spring Formal! It's seriously going to be amazing. March 19th I go to get my dress taken in (I'm down to a size four, EEEEPP!) and I'll make sure to put up pictures. Now, want to see a picture of my teeth? :)

There they are, perfect, white, and amazing! :) It's the perfect start to the new, happier me! Now, I love you all! I'll post soon about plans for my birthday!
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

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  1. OMG you look amazing Hannah!!!!!! :)) I'm serious your freaking gorgeous! Your teeth look amazing to! :))) I'm happy that your happy! Stay that way :) ♥


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