Friday, January 25, 2013

And every other time's just a memory, 'cause I only want to be wanted by youuuu.

Oh wow. I legit forgot I even had a blog on here until I logged on to my old email. Lol like seriously I can't even begin to explain how much shit has gone in the past few months that you're all (whomever you may be, if anyone) going to be shocked with. Well, I started my junior year in school in August. I was awarded athlete of the week as well as all section first team in all of pennsylvania for volleyball. I am still so excited. I sort of found some new friends. I'm friends w Georgi still, she's still my best friend, but I'm also friends w like five other girls and about five other guys from a different school that I spent my entire fall with. We hung out every weekend and it was a lot of fun. We partied all that time. We had a blast, and I wouldn't take back my memories for the world. Oh yeah and my ex broke up w his girlfriend. I also am talking to this really attractive guy who plays football, wrestles, hunts, races dirt bikes, and is virtually amazing. Seriously guys like he's awesome. I'm not rushing tho. I'm going to take my time w him. This is prime time for club volleyball. I have my first tournament next weekend and then spikefest the day after my 17th BIRTHDAY! I can't believe I'll be seventeen. Holy shit. well, I've started insanity on top of volleyball so I'm hoping to have my dream body in 60 days. Wish me luck ;)

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