Sunday, July 11, 2010

Positive energy doesn't go with negative.

In the car with my father,
He asked what we thought
Would make my mother come back.
I responded "Buy her some nice clothes,
Take her to the spa,
and tell her you love her."
My father told me I was a smart girl,
And should know that it takes more then
Some clothes and make up to make her happy.
I figured something out.
I haven't told him yet, but I'm going to.
He'll make her a mixed Cd
Of a bunch of Love Songs
And leave it on her car seat.
I'm looking at things that
Can only get better.
Hopefully they do.
P.S.- On the way to Walmart,
I saw a twenty-something couple.
The girl had tears streaming down her cheeks,
and he was on his knee with a huge ring.
In the grass was mowed
The answer was "Yes!".
True love exists.


  1. First of all, thank you so much for not taking your own life.
    Things can get better. They really can. I have faith.

  2. Oh godd. I wasn't on t all yesterday to comment on ur other posts so I'm just gonn wrote my commentto all of them on here.

    Hannah I love u and even though things with ur parents aren't okay, it's not ur fault. U shud never take life for granted. My cousin tried to kill himself a couple years ago. It wasn't just sad for him it was sad for my whole family. He got put on medicine and now he's okay. Ur a strong girl. Ull make it through because ur sisters love u, ur friends love u, and most of all ur parents love u. And I love u too. Keep fighting sister, everything will be okay. Promise. (:

  3. That's an amazing idea about the mixed cd. Your father should really do that. And that's so cute about the proposal =)lots of endless luv <3

  4. stay positive,everything will get better in the end!



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