Monday, September 13, 2010

You can't give up, you have to push through. ♥

I'm running for homecoming tomorrow. I already know alot of people who are voting for me, so YAY! (: If I win, I'm asking Joel to escort me. ♥ (:
X's and O's, Hannah. ♥♥♥
P.s.- Sorry, I don't have a picture. My phone now has water damage thanks to my horse of a golden retriever, Max.


  1. duudee cant u find a new guy!
    ick Joel to the curve
    he went out with you sister
    being a big sister that is sorta weird!

  2. Hahahha what are you talking about? (: He never dated my sister? My sister is married to a guy named Joey, not Joel. (:

  3. good luck at the homecoming!
    p.s. thanks for all ur nice comments, every time i see a comment from you, it makes me smile :)
    another p.s. i was too busy to comment on ur last post, but honestly, for improvements on ur blog, i don't know. i love ur blog the way it is. i like two kinds of blogs. 1) real life blogs (like yours) just about your average typical life. and 2) those kinds of blogs with poems and one-sentence messages that leave you puzzled.
    keep on doing what you're doing! i love this blog so much the way it is, Hannah :D

  4. Good luck on homecoming, I really hope people will be able to see ur beauty (in and out!) and vote for you! And if that Joelle does one thing to hurt u, I think all of your followers will tear him to pieces haha =)Lots of love! <3


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