Friday, February 4, 2011


. . .for me to say "sorry" as many times as it should be said. :( I'M SOSOSOSOSOSO SORRY! FOrgve? I have a few reasons. One, because my sister anounced to my family that her and her husband are pregnant. I'm SO FREAKING excited! :) Two, I'm not sure if I told you guys, but I'm doing a winter league for volleyball, and practices have picked up. I think I seriously messed up my knee and my ankle. And, Three, I've had strep throat since last Friday, and was bed-ridden until Tuesday, when my sister told me her amazing news. Now, even though this post is a week late, doesn't mean it will be any less amazing. ;)
These pictures are brought to you because you're amazing:

Sorry that these are all like, sad, but the explain my life. I don't want to ruin this post by complaining about my love-life, so you'll just have to wait until next time. :)

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  1. your sisters pregnant? thats so exciting! And I'm sorry about being sick :( I was sick too this week. i hope your doing okay now, with everything.

  2. aww ur gonna be an aunt! i'm so happy for you, hannah :) that's awesome. and hey, that's okay. i've been a slacker with commenting, even though i read all the posts.
    i love the white pic with the books, so cool :)
    hey, check out my blog sometime, my 100th post is coming up soon


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